Sadonas Dance of the Reeds AKA: Reed

Reed was a fabulous producer.  The three litters we had all produced Champions.  The first was to Ch Raintrees Slippery When Wet, which produced BISS Ch Remingtons Sidekick, and Ch Remingtons Show Stoper.  Their litter sister Velvet was also pointed and went reserve winners bitch at a Specialty, but never really liked to show.  Willie had a terrific show career on the West Coast.  He was shown to top five in both 2001 and 2002 and had many Specialty wins.  Thanks Kim Jacobson for taking such fabulous care of this special boy!

Next she was bred to a young Ch.Heathrow son and had a singleton daughter named Ch. Remingtons Diamond Solitaire.  "Snooke" went to live with Carmen Beck and Retired with her.  Snooke, like her mother produced lovely Ch children.

And her last litter was to Ch Allegehnys' Jacob of Jessmor.  This litter Produced two more Ch. children.  Ch Remingtons Basic Black, "Coal" and Ch. Remingtons Classic Clove, "Sugar".  Both have produced Ch get and that fabulous neck and movement!

Reed you gave me everything you could ask for in a foundation Bitch!!  Thanks Crystal Dye for this wonderful foundation bitch!
Reed, we miss You old girl!!

Picture to be added soon.

CH. Remingtons Classic Clove, WC  aka: Sugar
We lost Our First Chocolate Champion and one Great Girl. She had three majors out of the 6-9 month puppy class and multiple best puppy placements.  She has produced multiple champion get and was a one of a kind Labrador.  She always brought a smile to everyones face, and they all acknowledged her as not only a wonderful example of Chocolate Labrador, but a great example of any color!  Your Children and Grandchildren all carry your great sweet temperment and great movement!  You are missed daily and a bowl is always filled in your honor!

CH Simerdown Picture Purfect.  Purdy was our first Champion and foundation for many of our yellows.  She is the standard I base all my Yellow girls against, type, movement, and trainability!  We miss you Old girl!

Simerdowns Partner N Crime,WC  "Bonnie"

Bonnie was one of those girls that just ozzed breed type!  She only had one litter and produced Ch Zafaris BF Prince of Egypt, a multiple top 5 labrador in 2001 and 2002.  Bonnies movement was truely effortless and a joy to watch.  Retrieving was natural to her and didn't have to be trained, she just did it!  She retired with the Steele family in Broomfield, CO.  Bonnie past away in 2012!  She is now replaced with Nora!  Bonnie you were a joy!

Champions and titled:

Remingtons Burnished Gold, WC, JH, TDI , (Owned)

Simerdowns Partner N Crime, WC, (Owned, Bred by Linda Vaughn)

Simerdowns Zafari Night Theif, WC, (Owned, Bred by Linda Vaughn)

Ch Zafaris BF Prince of Egypt,WC, (Owned, CoBred w Tonya Thomas)

Remingtons Back to the Future, CDX, GN, RAE (Bred, Owned by Janine Allen)

BISS Ch Remingtons Sidekick, (Co owned with Kim Jacobson, coBred w Crystal Dye)

BISS Ch Remingtons Diamond Solitare, (Bred, co owned with Carmen Beck)

Ch Simerdowns Picture Purfect, WC (Bred by Linda Vaughn, Owned)

Ch Zafari's Avalanch, (CoBred )

Ch Remingtons Classic Clove, WC (Bred and Owned)

Ch Remingtons Basic Black, WC, (Bred and Owned)

Ch Springcreeks Remingtons Chunk,WC (Owned, Bred by Shannon Lutz)

Ch Remingtons Showstoper, (Bred and Owned)

Ch Remingtons Jessmors Walk On By, WC, JH (Bred, Co-owned with Susan Rose)

Int Ch Alibis Remingtons Quidditch, WC, (Bred by Kim Jacobson and Lisa Beneke, Owned)

BISS Ch Remingtons-Woodland Desire (Bred, Co Owned w Linda Pike)

CNCh AMCh Remingtons Woodlands Wine-N-Roses, (Co Bred w Linda Pike, Owned) Now w David Zhu.

BISS Gch Ch Remingtons Ella Fitzgerald, (Bred, Owned by Marilyn Little and Barb Akin)

Ch Remingtons Sugar and Spice, (Bred, CoOwned w Carol Wagely)

Remingtons Classy You Made Us Glad, CD, RA, (Bred, Owned By AmyFristoe)

Ch Remington's Simerdown Stevia, (Bred, Owned by Linda Vaughn)

Ch Remingtons Snowwoods On To Fame, (Bred and Owned)

Ch Remington's Simerdown Its all About MeMe, (Bred,Owned by Linda Vaughn)

Ch Simerdowns Remingtons Dr Dre, (Co-Own w Linda Vaughn, Bred By Linda Vaughn)

Ch Remingtons Snowwoods Tomi Girl, (Bred and Own)

Ch Remingtons 6 String, (Bred and Own)

Ch Remingtons Flashback, (Bred, Co-own w Tiffany Marzloff)


Other Champions:

Ch Dasha's Flashback N Remington, (Bred By Sharron McClosky, CoOwned) Ausie

Ch Mountain Star Aspen Charger, (Co Own w Charlene Dahl) American Water Spaniel 




Remingtons Aristes  Rocky Mtn High, Pointed, (CoBred w Bonnie Kellner, Owned)  Doing Service work now.

Remingtons Heaven Scent, Pointed (Bred, Owned)

Simerdowns Remintons MacIntosh, (Bred by Linda Vaughn, Owned) Pointed, Doing Service Work

Aristes Alibi for Remington, Major Pointed, (Bred by Bonnie Kellner, CoOwned)

Enchanted Pine Along Came Jones, Major Pointed, (CoBred, Owned by Carol Wagely)

Chinese Ch Remingtons Zipity Do Da, Major Pointed in US. (Bred, Owned By David Zhu)

Remingtons Simerdown Cinderella, (CoBred and Owned w Linda Vaughn) Major Pointed

Remingtons Simerdown Cordial, (CoBred and CoOwn w Linda Vaughn) Pointed

Simerdowns Remingtons  Hot Toddy, (CoBred and CoOwn w Linda Vaughn)  Major Pointed

Simerdowns Remington Ranger, (Co Bred and CoOwn w Linda Vaughn) Pointed

Remingtons Mighty Quinn, (Bred and Own) Both Majors








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