Why Does A Puppy Costs So Much?

We get a lot of people who ask why our puppies cost so much when there are dozens listed in the newspaper, some costing as little as $400. So here is a breakdown of what it costs us to raise a litter: 

CERF eye certification annually for 4 years  $180

Total cost to raise a bitch to 2 years = $4,430 to $6,780

To breed this bitch (provided she passes her certifications and is of good enough quality) we will need to research for the right stud dog. We will need to pay the stud fee and, if the dog is not local, a shipping fee.

Total breeding costs (provided there aren't complications) = $1,550 to $3000

If all goes as planned we have healthy puppies to whelp and raise.

Total cost to raise a litter of 8 puppies = $951

Now we didn't include the cost of having a pro train this bitch and, for field trial training, we could easily spend $10,000 to $20,000. If a pro handler is used to show the bitch, figure another $5,000.   If the breeding doesn't take, there are several expenses we'll have to pay again. If the bitch requires a C-section we can add approximately another $1,000. So if we assume this bitch will have two litters and the litters will average eight puppies each we will spend approximately $4,500 to $8000 per litter.


What does it cost to raise the typical puppy advertised in the Sunday newspaper?

Total cost to raise this litter = $564

Will this "breeder" make money on a litter? Possibly. Has he had the mother checked for genetic problems? Nope. Will he guarantee his puppies? Nope. Has he trained and/or shown the mother? Nope. Does he know anything about the dogs in his bitch's pedigree? Nope. Should you buy a puppy from him? That's your call. Just remember the old saying that "you get what you pay for."

      • Cost of a quality puppy bitch  $1000 to $3000
      • Food and vitamins for 4 years  $1,800
      • Veterinary expenses for 4 years  $600
      • OFA hip certification at 2 years of age  $400
      • Obedience / Field training (without a pro)  $800,(Pro) $3500
      • Showing Conformation (yourself) $1000-(Pro) $2500-$10000
      • Stud fee  $1,000 - $2,500
      • Shipping (either the bitch or frozen semen)  $250 - $700
      • Progesterone assays and vaginal smears  $300
      • Ultrasound at 3 to 4 weeks  $150
      • Supplies (including whelping box, towels, thermometer, heat lamp, scale, etc)  $250
      • Dewclaw removal for 8 puppies  $320
      • Litter registration  $299
      • Vet expenses (worming and vaccinations)  $450
      • Puppy information packets  $80
      • Puppy food  $280
      • Advertising $100
      • Cost of a puppy bitch from the newspaper  $200
      • Dog food for one year  $150
      • Stud fee for the neighbor's dog who happens to be registered and of the same breed  $100
      • Litter registration  $60
      • Vaccinations without a vet visit  $75
      • Newspaper ad  $75


 Reputable breeders work hard to have sound, sweet puppies for a lifetime companionship!

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